6 Foods You Can Cook in Your Toaster

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Toast a couple of frozen waffles for a couple of minutes and enjoy with melted butter and maple syrup drizzled generously over them.

If you're not best friends with your toaster, then it's time to reconsider your squad goals. Believe it or not, there are tons of things you can make in a toaster that you never would have guessed, and it's just about as easy as it gets. This is what cooking should be about. Kitchen appliances can either be a lazy chef's best friend, or their worst enemy They can either simplify your life by helping you cook your meals faster and easier, or they can make things more complicated than they have to be. On top of that, there are plenty of appliances that serve a single purpose — ice cream makers, rice cookers, margarita machines — that take up space in your already crammed kitchen without contributing a whole lot to your culinary arsenal. But your toaster? Your toaster is here to make meal prep a breeze.

Corn tortilla chips

Cut up some corn or flour tortillas into segments, pop them into the toaster and you’ll have some crisp chips in no time. Perfect for dipping into some spicy salsa or homemade guacamole.


Toast a couple of frozen waffles for a couple of minutes and enjoy with melted butter and maple syrup drizzled generously over them.

Veggie Burgers

For a crispy veggie burger, forget the microwave, because the toaster is the way to go. Unlike beef or other meat patties, veggie burgers don't run the risk of dripping fat into your toaster and setting your whole place on fire. They cook quickly and evenly, and leave little mess behind. Just make sure to clean out your toaster's tray after cooking, as you should with anything you make in the toaster.


Reheating pizza in the microwave rarely does justice to it, and the soggy mess of a pseudo-pizza that comes out is often more than a little disappointing. It is, however, possible to resurrect your pizza via toaster, and the nature of the appliance means that it ought to stay crispy. All you need to do is stick a slice in a BBQ Grill Bag , throw that in the toaster and let it do its thing for a couple of minutes. Zero marks for efficiency, obviously — you'll only be able to reheat as many slices as you have slots in your toaster at a time — but top marks for taste. You'll never go back to microwaving ever again.

Chicken nuggets

Toss a few frozen nuggets into a toaster bag and heat in the toaster until cooked through. This way there’s no need to waste electricity using your big oven or going through the hassle of heat up oil and deep frying just a few nuggets.


There's honestly no limit, and the best thing is that many of the things you might choose to eat with your toast could, with the help of a Toaster Bag | Txyicheng Manufacturers,Suppliers in China, well be cooked in the other slot of your toaster, too, like bacon or vegetables. Go raid the fridge and start experimenting. TongXiang YiCheng Toaster bags is your good choice, click https://www.txyicheng.com/product/toast-bag/ to buy toaster bags, and when used and cared for properly, they will last for a long, long time!

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