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Today 10-4 is National CB Radio Day
On October 2, 1978, President Jimmy Carter issued a statement proclaiming October 4 (10-4) as National CB Radio Day. He acknowledged the use of CB radio for emergency communications both on and off the road and noted that the use of radio enabled citizens to actively participate in the enhancement of public safety.

Ok so had to block my first Youtube follower. This guy just will not stop posting how im a CON for not shipping. Never sold him any thing or worked on any of his stuff and conned him in no way , shape or form. I DO NOT SHIP I WILL NOT SHIP. I am a 100% cash in person shop.

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Ok so i have decided to sell it. Super clean DAK 9 with Extra channels in it. Every thing works great. And i put in the extra Speaker for a lot better sound. 450.oo for it.

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Ok im done messing with Tube stuff all together now. I got hit again 3 time in a month. All 3 times they knew it was hitting them and they said nothing to me before hand. This is no longer worth me risking me to fix stupid peoples stuff. Im super sore right now and my back is killing me.

Ok so had a load of stone dumped by Rush County Stone Company today to widen up the entrances on both sides of the sign. My daughter as I got it all spread out and looking good now. So you guys better be able to see and turn around in this damn parking lot now. If you cant then you need to stop driving.


Cb shop where we are not here to sell you some thing new you dont need or want. We really do fix your radio because i do know how to fix and not just replace things.

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